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Back to Life presents
Level I: The Sustainable Healing Series ©
Seven guided imagery meditation journeys
“A deeply transformational magical series designed to assist us in healing along our Soul’s Path”
~Series creator,  Barry Bruder
Whether you are new to meditation and visualization or have utilized them for years, you will find the Level I: Sustainable Healing Series © to be powerfully transformational, yet gently inviting in their message and energetic intention. The series is ideal for the first time meditator, but equally impactful for the most discerning and experienced listener.
A Meditation Journey invites the listener to allow their emotions and senses to create a very real, life changing experience exceeding the usual relaxation meditation. The original music that was created exclusively for each Meditation Journey significantly enhances ones experience allowing them to more deeply sink into a trance state.
 Consisting of seven guided imagery visualization Meditation Journeys:

·         Releasing Grief
·         Releasing Shame
·         Avoiding the River of Amnesia
·         Retrieving the Lost Piece of the Soul
·         The Morning Aligning
·         The Evening Clearing
·         The Children’s Journey: To Safety & Centeredness 
       A joyous exploration for children of all ages – including the child within each of us.  A gentle introduction to your child’s safe place; that beautiful place in nature filled with magic and wonder.  In the stillness of their safe place, the child rediscovers how to calm and hush the mind, a nd to know the simple beauty in such peace.

Recommendations for Usage

-    The Sustainable Healing Meditation Journey Level I Series is a comprehensive grouping of seven specific mediations each focused on healing a different aspect of old wounding.
-    They may be used for current issues of dependency from chemicals or alcohol or other addictive patterns of behavior or trauma or loss.
-    They may also be used as part of your own particular healing process – whatever your intended purpose or issues.
Listening Devices and Safety
-    The use of high quality headphones will enhance the experience and impact of the meditations.
-    Devices that cover both ears will diminish ambient noise and aid focus and clarity.
-    Listening at home or in a quiet place while not driving will keep you safe and able to drift into a trance state with greater ease.
-    To be clear – it is never recommended that any meditation is used while operating a vehicle.
Frequency of Listening
-     It is suggested one work with one meditation at a specific time for thirty days.
-     It takes twenty-one days to thirty days to change a belief and to program in a new one.
-     Working for thirty days with each meditation will help bring forward the fullest release of old patterns of belief or unfinished business (emotional wounding).
Morning/Evening Meditations
-     Just as with each other meditation, it is suggest that these meditations are listened to one at a time for thirty days (for the same reasons as cited above).
-     You may wish to use the Morning and Evening Meditation Journey’s simultaneously in one day over a thirty day period or ongoingly.  Some prefer using one during one thirty day period, and the other during another thirty day period; while others prefer working through the other Meditation Journey’s first to keep the experience pure and separate. It is an individual choice; allow your own inner-knowing and process to guide you.  

Children’s Meditation Journey
-    The children’s meditation should also be used for thirty days and is for both children as well as adults.
-    For children, encourage drawing and writing in conjunction with their listening.
-    Adults may also benefit from this meditation by rebuilding their connection to that young part of themselves, and rebuilding trust that may have been damaged or destroyed as a child.
Journaling or Drawing
-    Journaling is often called an inexpensive means of therapy.  It can serve as a siphon to help us to start the outward flow of “stuck” or “blocked emotions” and thoughts.
-    Drawing can serve a similar function, helping us to access our creative self and often causing all emotions to rise to the surface more freely. 

Suggested Ordering of Meditations

1- Releasing the Shame
2- Retrieving the Lost Piece of Soul
3- Releasing the Grief
4- Avoiding the River of Amnesia
5- Children's Meditation Journey
6- Morning Aligning
7- Evening Clearing


- Crucial Tools For Addiction/Dependency Free Living

Each meditation has been created specifically to assist individuals along their journey to recovery. As one works with each meditation, the veil of shame of addiction and dependency lifts. Then, one layer at a time, the mental and emotional aspects of the deeply wounded parts of us are permanently and profoundly healed. These are the parts that must heal in order to create the platform for a grounded dependency free life. This is the prerequisite work to support a life free from addiction and dependency.

- Helpful For Individuals In Recovery From:

* Chemicals or Alcohol Dependency
* Trauma or Loss
* Eating Disorders
* All forms of addictive behavior

- The Music

More than three hours of original music was written my renowned international composer and performer - Marco Missinato. The music on each meditation was written by Marco to be specifically aligned with the energy and emotion from moment to moment; and each note was written to allow the listener to reach the deepest state of relaxation - the "theta" state. Much research has been done establishing theta state music.

Many music only theta state meditations have been created. This is the first meditation series designed with words and music paralleling the emotion in the meditation from moment to moment; both of which allow ones immersion into the theta state where the most profound programming directly into the subconscious mind occur. The result is profound, lasting and permanent healing of the neural network in the brain; the actual healing of the pathways of early-life wounding and abuses suspected to be the causation of addictive patterns of behavior.


released December 30, 2009

Guided words spoken by Barry Bruder Ms.T.
Barry Bruder began his healing odyssey at
age 11. In the years following he has been
mentored by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross as
well as native healers from New Zealand,
Japan, Brazil and America. His quique
approach to bodywork encompasses deep
tissue, emotional release, breathwork and energy work.
He founded two non-profits, The Safe Place for Pediatric
AIDS in 1993, as well as Clear Path Addiction Care in in
2008. The creation of the Sustainable Healing Meditation
Series marks a life-long dream and priviledge of Barry’s to share his work in the world with a more expanded audience.

Music by Marco Missinato
Music composer, performer and producer
originally from Rome, Italy has been performing
“High Vibrational” music for over
20 years. His music is strongly evocative,
with melodies which inspire listeners
to open up to their highest
and truest selves.

Produced by Marco Missinato



all rights reserved



Marco Missinato Los Angeles

“Music is the door, the bridge between us and our soul.
It is like a ray of light which illuminates the darkness of
our fears and disintegrates
all inhibitions. ”

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