by Marco Missinato

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It is becoming difficult in today’s music to find melodies that can potentially become classics. This is not the case of “MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE”, an album that certainly will occupy a permanent space on the music shelf of the music lovers. "MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE" is a collection of vocal and instrumental songs which demonstrate the wide variety of musical influences that inspire the Italian born composer Marco Missinato.

Among the compositions all exquisitely arranged and produced by Marco, includes “Missing Helena” which features the sensual and unique sound of the great saxophone player Steve Tovaglioni. “Amor Perdido” stands out with its simple but sophisticated melody and for the intense and passionate sound that is created between Marco's vocals, guitar player Ramon Stagnaro and pianist Joe Rotondi. The lyrics are by Grammy nominee Thania Sanz. In “Mariam’s Love” SteveTovaglioni is accompanied by pianist David Goldblatt and cellist Sarah O’Brien.

In “MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE” the listener will find a strong atmosphere of intimacy and feel a connection not only with their partner but also with that sacred love sleeping inside all of us. This is the power that music reaches at its peak and this is certainly the power of “MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE”.


released December 25, 2009

Music by Marco Missinato

“Amor Perdido” and “Oje Al Amor”
Lyrics by Thania Sanz

"Candlelight and Lace", "Let it Be Me" and "Kiss me with your Eyes"
Lyrics by Nikky England

“A Sweet Goodbye” and "Magic Vodoo"
Lyrics by Angela Lupino

Lead Vocals:
Marco Missinato
Amor Perdido, Oje AL Amor, A Sweet Goodbye, Destello de Luna, Ye Lo Se, Magic Vodoo

Shea Chambers
Candlelight and Lace, Kiss me with your eyes

Tasha Taylor
Let it Be Me

Among the many musicians that collaborated to this album:

Guitar: Ramon Stagnaro
Piano: Joe Rotondi
Piano: David Goldblatt
Sax: Steve Tavaglione
Cello: Sarah Obrien
Olivier Roulon arrangements on Candlelight and Lace, Kiss me with your eyes, Let it Be Me

Produced by Marco Missinato


all rights reserved



Marco Missinato Los Angeles

“Since the very beginning of my physical experience I’ve been longing for a world of unity and love.
I have always felt it in those brief moments when music was playing…
That is why I write music”.

“Music is the door, the bridge between us and our soul.
It is like a ray of light which illuminates the darkness of
our fears and disintegrates
all inhibitions. ”
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Track Name: Amor Perdido
Amor Perdido

En el silencio de mi ser
Te recuerdo y puedo ver
Tu sonreir y tu mirar
Nuestros tiempos de placer

Y er asi, la nostalgia del ayer
Lo que ya no puede ser
La vida me robo…
Y es asi, la nostalgia y el dolor
Que llenan mi Corazon
Sabiendo que no estas

En el silencio de mi ser
Me descubro y puedo ver
Que tu has tocado mi vivir
Siempre te recordare

Y er asi, la nostalgia del ayer
Lo que ya no puede ser
La vida me robo…
Y es asi, la nostalgia y el dolor
Que llenan mi Corazon
Sabiendo que no estas

Nostalgia de tenerte
De Nuevo entre mis brazos
Mi amor

English translation

Lost Love

In my own silence
I remember and see
Your smile and the way you look at me
Our times of pleasure…

This is how it is, the nostalgia of yesterday
The things that cannot be anymore
The life taken away from me
This is how it is the nostalgic pain
That fill my heart
Knowing that you are not here

In the silence of myself
I discover and see
That you have touched my life
And I will always remember you

This is how it is, the nostalgia of yesterday
The things that cannot be anymore
The life taken away from me
This is how it is the nostalgic pain
That fill my heart
Knowing that you are not here

Nostalgic to have you
Again in my arms…
My love
Track Name: Oje al Amor
Oye Al Amor

Como un barco a la deriva
Me encontraba yo solo
Hubo dias que llovia
Y me ahogaba en el dolor
Ni a mi propia sombra le conte
Y paso tras paso me aleje
En un mundo de aspariencias y placer…
Buscando ese querer

Y cada manana en el espejo me encontre
Ojios que decian hasta cuando puede ser
Y fue cuando de verdad llore
Yo senti de Nuevo renacer
Entrando a lo profundo de mi ser
La respuesta halle..
Todo… si… por fin lo encontre

Ahora veo todo tan differente
Que todos necisitamos de amor
Y buscando lejos sin preguntarnos
Todo al Corazon,… dime…
Que quiere? …Daqte un chance
De escucharte
Oye al amor, hable el amor
…tu amore, como habla el amor

el amor se esconde pues tiene miedo de sufrir
pero no lo dudes el siempre se encuentra ahi
oye cuando canta el corazon
cuando esta llorando hay su razon
el amor es mas fragil que el crystal
y asi somos tu y yo

English translation

Listen to Love

Like a boat sailing off course,
I encountered no one…
There were days of rain,
And I drowned in the pain
Not even my shadow I could find
Step by step, losing my way
In a world of appearances and pleasure
Searching for that love

And every morning in the mirror I found myself
Seeing eyes that ask how long it’s going to be
And that was when I cried… and felt reborn
Going deep inside myself
I found the answer
Everything, yes…at last…I dound it…

Now I see everything so differently
All of us need love
And we search far and wide, never asking
Anything to the heart… tel me…
What do you want?.. give it a chance…
Listen to yourself…
Listen to love, love speaks…
…to love, the way love talks…

love hides since it’s afraid to suffer
but never doubt that it is ever present
listen when the heart sings
when it is crying, it has a reason
love is more fragile than crystal…
just as you and I…
Track Name: Destello de Luna
Destello De Luna

Destello de luna…
Que alumbras a oscuras
Immense, tu altura.. y tu luz
Se que eres la misma
Aunque estemos lejos
Nos miras a todos desear… que esos seres
Queridos se encuentren
Felices tambien

Destello de luna… como tu ninguna
Si puedes… muestrales… mi amor…

Si puedes di… como los extrano…
Que tu puedes verlos…
Que pienso siempre en ellos, con tu luz…

Destello de luna…
Que viajas a oscuras…
Traenos, suenos de alegria
Llenos de amor..

Muestrales mi canto de amor
Que los llevo en mi Corazon…

English translation

Rays From The Moon

Rays from the moon,
That shine in the dark…
Immense you seem… your light..
You are the same moon
Even though we are far apart
That we wish upon
Wherever our loved ones
They are happy

Rays from the moon, like you, no one…
If you can… show them… my love…

If you can tell them… I miss them so…
That you can see them
And it is them I think of with your light…

Tays from the moon
Traveling through the dark
Bring happy dreams
Filled with love…

Show them my song of love…
That I carry them in my heart…
Moon… moon… moon
Track Name: Ye lo Se
Ya Lo Se

Hoy te veo y
Es dificil comprender
Que al mirarnos
Nada sieto del ayer
Hoy te escucho
Y tu voz no suena igual
Cuando antes ella me hacia temblar
Ya lo se, duele ver,
Como te he idealizado a ti mujer

Contigo aprendi
Como duele amar
Contigo aprendi’
Y hoy me toca continuar
Ya lo se, ya lose…

Hoy te veo
Y aun te quiero besar
Las pasiones es dificil controlarlas
Hoy yo tengo otro amor enquien pensar
Y al mirarnos,
Tu y yo no somos igual
Ya lo se, duele ver,
Que no puedo responder a tu querer

Contigo aprendi
Y te llevo en mi
Contigo sone
Y hoy me toca desperar

Y siempre seremos dos
Al recordarnos
En las fotos el pasado ya quedo
Y nos toca al abrazarno
Darnos xuenta que cambio

Contigo aprendi
Siempre sea asi
Contigo aprendi
Y hoy me toca continuar
Contigo vivi…
Siempre sera asi
Contigo sone
Y hoy me toca desperar

English translation

Now I Know

Today I see you,
And it is hard to understand…
How wehn we look at each other,
It feels no longer yesterday
Today I listen to your voice,
It doesn’t sound the same…
When before, it made me tremble
Now I know… it hurts to see..
How much I idealise you..

With you I have learned
How it hurts to love…
With you I have learned
Today I have to move on..
Now I know… I know..

Today I see you
And I still want your kiss
This passion is hard to control
Today I have another love to take care of…
And when looking at us
We are not the same… any more..
Now I know… it hurts to see
I can’t respond to you…

With you I have learned
You’ll always be in my heart
With you dreamed
Today I have awakened

And we’ll always be two
When we remember
In our pictues the past is frozen
And when embracing
We know everything has changed

With you I have learned
It will always be like that
With you I have learned
Today I have to move on
With you I have lived
It will be like that always
With you I have dreamed
Today I have awakened
Track Name: Magic Vodoo
Magic Voodoo

Tell me, do you make the magic when we dance?
Is it meant to make me feel like I might have chance?
Do you light the fire between us when we touch?
(And) is it you who makes my heart accelerate so much?

That kind of spell
Goes so well
With romance
That sweet voodoo
That you do
When we dance

Take me in your arms and whisper like you do
Is it my imagination, or could this be true?
Dab a little potion just behind your ear
Rendering me helpless everytime I hold you near

Love such as this
Is a mys-
tery ride
When, just one kiss
And I'd love
Til I died

Hold me close as close can be
Whisper my name but oh, so tenderly
Say I'm the one you will adore - who will adore
For evermore