Timeless Realms
Music by Marco Missinato
All Right Reserved ©2012


An Invitation for Restful Sleep and Rejuvenating Dreams

My work for the day is complete.
It is time for me to rest.

There is no need for worry.
I have plenty of time for everything.

I welcome my body to rest and feel supported.
It takes no effort to lay here.

I put my mind at ease.

Thoughts flow in and out without stopping
I feel them fading away

I let go of the day and warmly embrace my dreams

I feel myself safely floating into sleep

Sleep feeds my soul


from Personalized Affirmations & High​-​vibrational Music, released May 11, 2012
Produced by Marco Missinato



all rights reserved


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Marco Missinato Los Angeles

“Since the very beginning of my physical experience I’ve been longing for a world of unity and love.
I have always felt it in those brief moments when music was playing…
That is why I write music”.

“Music is the door, the bridge between us and our soul.
It is like a ray of light which illuminates the darkness of
our fears and disintegrates
all inhibitions. ”
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