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by Marco Missinato

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    A Visualization Narrated by Filippo Voltaggio
    Written by Dorothy Donahue
    Score by Marco Missinato

    photo by Marco Missinato


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Let us take a moment to become heart centered and to become connected with Source. Take a deep breath as you close your eyes and imagine your root chakra opening and you connecting energetically with Mother Earth. And now feel your Crown Chakra opening and you connecting energetically with Infinite Spirit. Feel these energies, one coming up into your body through your root chakra and the other coming down into your body through your Crown Chakra….feel them merging and settling in to your heart chakra. And breathe. As the divine child of the Universe that you are, remember that you are the co-creator of this thing called life on earth. Know that whatever you IMAGINE, whatever you VISUALIZE about your life will become what your life will be like, because tomorrow is what you believe, think, feel, say and do today. You are the power in your world. Imagine everyone, including yourself, your family, your friends, all people of the world, merging with their Higher Selves, their God Selves, and living, loving and co-creating from the IAM presence. Imagine what your life will look like if all of the good you have ever wanted for this planet, is now manifested. Imagine all world leaders, heads of corporations and organizations coming into alignment with their Higher Selves…and living and leading from the IAM presence. Imagine how good it feels to have people of integrity running every country, city, store, corporation, and organization exactly the way that is in the highest and best good of all concerned. Imagine these people to be everything that good people can be. See them implementing polices and changes that you desire. Imagine a world full of people taking personal responsibility for the creation of our new world. Imagine all the people living life in peace. Imagine everyone in the world sharing all of the wealth of the planet. Imagine clean and renewable sources of energy and modes of transportation for all people. Imagine every human being as healthy, happy and wealthy. Imagine the earth being healed and revitalized. Imagine clean air and clean oceans. Imagine a world filled with peace because the entire world population has remembered that peace must first come from within and that LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED. Imagine that everyone on earth has all of the skill, knowledge, courage, wisdom, and strength they need to become the positive changes they wish to see in this beautiful world. Imagine your life filled to overflowing with all of your highest and best good. Imagine forgiving everyone in your life and especially you, for all real or imagined sins. Imagine that you are filled with love and approval for your self and that you are loving yourself without any conditions whatsoever. Imagine that you are unconditionally loving to all and that you only attract unconditionally loving people into your life. Imagine your personal relationships are filled not only with unconditional love, but with support and understanding of who you are and who you have come here to be. Imagine that you are filled with love and imagine this love expanding and expanding and expanding and beginning to encompass all that is around you. Imagine loving yourself enough to always do the things you know you need to do. Imagine your self embracing your magnificence. Imagine living a life filled with joy, peace and bliss that comes from being loving, peaceful and joyful at all times. Imagine accepting that you are indeed the Divine Child of God and that you are capable of doing, being and having anything you set your mind to. Imagine you being surrounded by help, surrounded by love and guidance. Imagine being in a joyful, passionate, and mutually beneficial relationship with your Divine Complement. Imagine that every day in every way, your life is better and better and better. Imagine being so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Imagine great personal success for you and the ones you love. Imagine always being happy, and grateful for all things. Imagine living from your heart and not your head. Imagine a life free from worry, illness, jealousy, grief, pain and shame. Imagine being courageous and fearless at all times. Imagine always being impeccable with your word. Imagine never making assumptions and never taking anything personally. Imagine that you always have more than enough time to do all that you wish to do. Imagine the light within becoming so bright that you are a beacon of light to all who see you. Imagine all of your present and future dreams manifested. Imagine being paid large sums of money for doing the work you love and have passion for. Imagine an abundant bank account filled to overflowing and always being replenished. Imagine that you are debt free and you have more money than you can ever possibly spend even after you have shared so much of it with those less fortunate than you. Imagine how easy life is once you remember to be a conscious co-creator. Imagine, imagine, imagine. “Imagine all the people sharing all the world”.


And now, please relax and allow these Divine Energies to be assimilated into your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies as your attention slowly comes back into the room.


released December 29, 2009


all rights reserved



Marco Missinato Los Angeles

“Music is the door, the bridge between us and our soul.
It is like a ray of light which illuminates the darkness of
our fears and disintegrates
all inhibitions. ”

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